Things To Do Near Stockton University

Wellness Classes

Hello Ospreys! I wanted to take a moment to invite Stockton University students to our new series of Wellness Classes. Did you know that the Galloway campus is very close to our spa in Egg Harbor City? It’s only about a 10 minute drive down Moss Mill Road!

Our Wellness Classes are held on weekdays from 7-8pm. Click here for the full schedule.

So if you’re looking to take a break from studying without breaking the bank, show your student ID to receive a discounted ticket into one of our Wellness Classes! Only $10 for students with your ID. Check out what we’ve got coming up.

Skincare 101

This class will help teach you the best holistic practices from our own Skincare Guru, Cathy! Learn about your skin type, ask questions about products to use, and get recommendations about natural products.

Sound Healing

Receive positive vibrations in an energizing Sound Healing session. Sound Healing is a therapy that works on a cellular level to restore balance in our bodies, while bringing about peace of mind.

Succulent Gardens

Build your own Succulent Garden in a fun group atmosphere! Choose from a variety of succulents and create a small garden with soil, stones and gemstones. Did you know that gemstones provide the succulent positive energy that can improve its health? Learn more about the properties of gemstones while you build your very own succulent garden.


While the use of essential oils has become more mainstream in health and wellness treatments, aromatherapy is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries in different cultures throughout the world.

Essential oil is the pure extract from plants and herbs, so when you use it you experience the full wellness benefits they have to offer. Essential oils can be used with water in a diffuser, or can be blended with a carrier oil to be used directly on the body. You can use essential oils for relaxation and stress relief, to soothe headaches, to heal damaged skin and more.

Join us for Aromatherapy class to get an education in the basics of and practical uses for essential oil. Learn about how special blends and figure out your favorite essential oil.

So if you’re looking for fun things to do near Stockton U., give us a call to reserve your ticket today!

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